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About Me

Special Events
Corporate Events
My History

It all started when I was 10 years old, I was borrowing my sisters albums to record mix tapes. I love all kinds of music from house and techno to pop and the standards. Iwanted to share that love for music with everyone. I got the bug to entertain by being a roadie for a local DJ company. I gained the experience and knowledge of all kinds of entertainment

I mentioned I love all kinds of music, which I do. However my true music love is for dance and upbeat songs! I love to make people dance and put them in a good mood! 

My Philosophy

I'm here to work for my clients! I have gained the experience of giving them what they want. Every event is different and my goal is to get the crowd moving and making people feel good! 

I go into every party with the intention of providing the best musical experience possible. I give my clients the opportunity to be able to create the evening that they want to experience. Give me a call and I promise you will not be disappointed.